California Plan

We are looking to partner with other therapists throughout the California that for one, enjoy working with the Medicare senior population, and two, would like work for themselves with their own Medicare Part B niche practice that treats seniors. You can work this model part-time or full-time. Some therapists already work in home health and want to pick up a few extra patients that still need therapy after home health discharge. Others want to operate the business full-time and grow with bringing on other therapists. We are here to assist you in whatever your goals may be with the practice and to offer you the support to be successful.

  • Our business model in California is similar to our national plan in other states, but offers more support and assistance, since it is under our existing Part B Medicare business umbrella. It is like running your own business but with 100% support on the business side. We provide of all the business management, start-up training, billing and collections, paperwork, ongoing consulting, and Medicare compliance and regulation issues for the therapist. The therapist contracts with us to run his or her business on a low cost model so that the majority of profits are returned to you. You don’t need a receptionist, a biller, an aide, or a leased office. as you will be treating all your patients in their own homes or retirement communities. The therapist may pay a one-time start-up fee that varies depending on your business needs and then an ongoing monthly management and billing fee to In-Home Therapy Services based on your monthly revenue collections. You will maintain the majority of the revenue from each patient, which is significantly more than if you are working for someone else. This equates to approximately $80-$105 per visit, depending on the appropriate CPT codes billed and your location in CA. The monthly fee we charge on your receivables covers all the business and administration parts of the practice so you can focus your time on what is important and revenue producing: which is treating patients and doing some marketing if needed. Here is an overview of some of the things we provide:
  1. Unlimited access and use of our web-based documentation system for all your patients- you will be able to access your patients, complete your documentation, and store your patient files in one place, all without paper.

  2. We have a full-time office manager who can handle any business phone calls and faxes, she uploads all new patients and documents into the documentation system for you, and she can assist in all administrative issues of your practice- like having your own front office employee- at no extra cost.       
  3. All the training needed to operate your practice, such as: documentation and compliance with Medicare Part B regulations, how to successfully market and grow your practice, etc. This is done with written education materials and also by an initial conference call or in person training at our San Diego office.

  4. All billing and collections for your patients: this is the most important part of the business side of the practice, as you need to get paid for the treatment you provide your patients. We have an excellent in-house billing department and all we do is bill for physical/occupational/speech therapy with Medicare and other supplemental insurances. As a result, we do well with getting paid and will always follow-up on outstanding claims and bill your patients for any co-pays or deductibles.

  5. We will complete and file your Medicare application to get your own Medicare provider number, which will then be linked up under our business umbrella. Working under our umbrella will save you a lot time and headaches in getting Medicare certified, as we already have an existing Medicare business number in CA.

  6. We provide you with personalized business cards, marketing and informational brochures, and prescription pads using our logo and name. These materials are printed and delivered to you with your name and contact information on them. We can discuss the marketing piece with you to see if it is something you will need.

  7. We offer ongoing support and assistance in running the practice, whether it is Medicare compliance issues, marketing questions and ideas, documentation, or consulting to grow your practice. This is offered at no additional cost to all our therapists.

The Start-up And Business Process

  • If you are interested in learning more about the business or are ready to start, please fill out the Expression of Interest Form or call our office administrator at 888-253-6077 for more information. We will provide an initial consultation to talk to you about your goals for the practice, provide you with more information about the business model, and answer any questions you may have about us.
  • After the initial consultation, if you are ready to go, we will send you an independent contractor agreement to read and sign. This will define the billing and management agreement between the two parties and indicate the start-up fee that is appropriate for you. You will sign and return the agreement with the appropriate start-up fee check.                        
  • We will then request further information from you so we can apply for your Medicare license number. We will also get started on your marketing materials (if you need them) and send you some reading materials about Medicare Part B, documentation, and marketing the practice.
  • We will set up a time for a conference call or to meet at our office in San Diego to go over the details of the web-based documentation system, important Medicare Part B regulations, how to successfully market your practice (if you are planning to grow the practice as a full-time business).
  • Once your Medicare application is submitted and training is completed, you can start seeing patients right away. The time it takes to receive your Medicare number for billing will be significantly shorter than if you applied alone, so we can get your billing in faster once we get your number.
  • All your documentation will be stored on the web-based system, and we can go in and pull up your billing off of the system, so you will not need to send us any billing logs. All of the insurance payments will come into our account directly, as well as the EOB’s, so you will not have to worry about sending us EOB’s or cashing checks etc. We will create an account for you that has your patients listed and you will receive a monthly breakdown from us for all your patients as to what has been paid and what is outstanding. You will also receive a direct deposit from us for the percentage of your revenues that have been collected for that month. You will be paid monthly and as an independent contractor. You will be able to write off any business expenses like home office, mileage, supplies, etc.
  • You will be working closely with our office manager to make sure all your patients and their information is being uploaded to your account and administration questions are being handled appropriately. We will be receiving faxes from you and your referral sources (if you are doing the marketing piece) and communicating with you when we have new patients, etc. You will use your cell phone as your therapist number and our toll-free office phone and fax numbers for administrative or billing questions for patients and referral sources, etc.
  • We will keep you updated with any changes with Medicare regulations, will be looking at some of your charts to check on Medicare documentation compliance, and be here to offer consulting for any part of your practice.